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amplifon – Hörberatung, Hörsysteme, Gehörschutz

Not only the renowned Amplifon service from the first consultation to a free of charge hearing test to the supply of hearing aids await our visitors. The key word is hearing consultation: With Amplifon, the customers can work intensively together with the trained employees “on the work”, in order to attain an optimal supply with their hearing aids on site in the shortest possible time.

In our newly designed audiodrome, the customer sits in front of a large monitor, surrounded by five loudspeakers, explains Mr Lindenmann, qualified audio acoustics specialist and manager of the branch in Ottensen. Start the film and the customers are immersed in every day situations – be this a day out in the countryside, a cocktail party or a dialogue at home. During these simulations, the customer gives us constant feedback concerning his or her hearing experiences, says Mr Lindenmann, explaining the interactive experience. We can then react immediately and tailor the hearing aids individually to the personal “hearing flavour”.

However, alongside the practical adjustment, the audiodrome also offers the customer much more. By means of a monitor, there is comprehensive information concerning the subject of hearing and the existence of hearing impairments. Of course, there is also up-to-date information concerning the broad range of the available hearing devices. Last but not least, relatives can “listen in” to the everyday world of the person concerned, as with special acoustic blendings, the levels of hearing loss are also clear to healthy ears.

With the innovative multimedia technology and its informal room design, Amplifon is also attractive to younger customers. The remaining product range includes amongst others hearing protection an in ear monitoring.


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