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Save lives during your shopping trip

Hamburg Blood Donation Service is also now present at the “Mercado” shopping centre in Altona

It is now becoming even easier to donate blood in the west of Hamburg. The Hamburg Blood Donation Service has a new location in the “Mercado” shopping centre in Altona. On the fourth floor, it is possible to donate blood and plasma four days a week. Occupying a total area of 500 square metres, the modern blood donation service was set up in addition to the existing 6 locations in Hamburg, in order to be more reachable for the people of the city.

Availability and comfort should promote a willingness to donate.

In pedestrian zones and shopping centres, many people are out and about every day, who can now come to donate blood in a comfortable way. “By means of the additional ways which are being saved, the time required is  limited to the actual donation time, which is compensated by payment of expenses” explains Schertges. “With our modern equipped facilities, we are now not only closer to the people of the city, but we also have more opening days – this increases the possibility of donating blood in Hamburg” Schertges continues.  “For the new attractive location with its total of twelve beds for the taking of blood, we expect to have up to 11,000 donors per year”says Schertges.

The people of Hamburg are still not donating enough blood.

Despite a positive trend: The willingness of the population of Hamburg to donate blood is still not enough to cover the needs of the city’s hospitals. Per year, approximately 150,000 blood reservesare needed to treat patients, however the people of Hamburg are currently donating around 110,000at all blood donation services. It is still necessary to have blood reserves donated in other German states delivered to Hamburg, so that the blood products which are needed are available here. “By means of the central location of our donation services, we have come closer to our objective of the people of Hamburg covering the blood requirements of the Hanseatic City by themselves.

In order to make an appointment at all of the locations of the Hamburg Blood Donation Service, potential donors can call the free-of-charge hotline on (0800) 8842566. Should you have any questions concerning blood donation, contact the Blood Donation Service on  (040) 2000 2200 or visit the Internet page


Phone: 040 - 2000 2200

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