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BR Toys

Welcome to the toy paradise!

At BR Toys on the first floor of the MERCADO, you can find toys for everyone, from toddlers to school children or even grown up game players.

BR Toys, which so far was only present on the Scandinavian market, wishes to provide children of all ages with a modern selection of quality toys at its central location in the city. The concept has been proven to be successful in Scandinavia since 1963. There, the chain is made up of 200 shops.

We are a family company which has enthusiastically offered a large selection of quality toys for children for a few­ generations – since 1963 for Danish children and since then, also for children in the other Scandinavian countries. We are proud to now be opening eleven shops in Germany too and we are looking to welcoming many children and parents to our stores, according to Christian Gjörup, the Managing Director of BR Toys.


Telefon: 040 - 39 90 02 37

Telefax: 040 - 39 26 78

Stockwerk: 1. Obergeschoss