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Das Futterhaus

Everything for pets at home

We do not just offer dry or wet feed of various flavours and price ranges. Chew bones or dog biscuits, toys, leashes, bowls, transport boxes, cages or scratching posts can also be found. Everything which men and women need to enjoy time at home for the well-being of their furry and feathered loved ones can be found at the FUTTERHAUS. At the feed bar, a large selection of foods, healthy snack and delicacies which can be put together and filled individually and in accordance with the taste and requirements of pets at home. By means of this, peculiarities connected to nutrition such as allergies or intolerances of the pet can be taken into account.

Shopping experience for all animal lovers
Alongside the wide and comprehensive selection of foods and accessories, the living animal departments in the market are a real Mecca for all animal lovers and those who would like to become one. The rodent and bird department and the fish keeping and terraristic department really do make shopping an experience. In the rodent homes and terrariums in the market which have been set up in an artistic manner, alongside rabbits and guinea pigs, bearded dragons and turtles can be found. A large variety of bright and colourful fish swim in the aquariums. Here, both new fish keepers and professionals can find the right residents, planting and accessories for their tank at home.

Large selection, professional advice
Alongside a large selection of animal foods, animal lovers particularly appreciate the professional advice at the FUTTERHAUS. Regardless of whether the four legged friend needs new leashes, the cat needs a bowl or the hare requires special feed: Questions concerning the purchase and keeping of pets at home are answered enthusiastically and competently by market manager Julian Brümmer who many customers already know from the FUTTERHAUS market in Schenefeld and the well trained team at the market.

Loyalty is rewarded
New and existing companies should not miss out on the benefits of the loyalty card of the FUTTERHAUS. As alongside a price discount of two percent on each purchase, people who have a loyalty card also receive regular information concerning new products, offers and campaigns by post to their home. You can obtain the card free-of-charge at the till. You can also find further information at It is worth taking a browse!


Phone: 040 - 39 80 86 45

Floor: 2nd Floor