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Giovanni L.

Our ice cream manufacturer from Kiel will thrill you with opulent decorations and tasty unique ice cream. With innovative types of ice cream, we surprise every palate! Alongside the “classics”, you can also find interesting varieties on sale: black vanilla with roasted rice pudding and strawberry stracciatella with pop chocolate. Or how about one of the unusual creations, such as quattro formaggi or chocolate chilli? Our creator Giovanni Lasagna received international recognition with the Sicilian pistazie verde. You cannot miss out on the world cup premered ice cream! According to a secret recipe of the Lasagna family, the best ingredients from all over the world are made into over 165 different types of ice cream by traditional methods. The thirty types of ice cream which are always changing have something for every taste and every requirement, for example gluten free or lactose free ice cream. Coffee and cake specialities round off the range. Enjoy the different royal, season and trend ice cream varieties in a cosy atmosphere and choose something from the large palate of extravagant ice cream – or have you already tried a horseradish ice cream with cranberries?


Phone: 0431-90 89 59 2131

Floor: 1st Floor