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The fashion makers from Sweden in the Mercado!

H&M designers and buyers observe international trends across the world, in order to design the H&M collections which are always up to date in terms of brand.

As early as 1947, the company was founded and today, the focus on price and service is stronger than ever. All products must fulfil three main criteria: highly fashionable, competitive, reasonably price and good in qualitative terms. The last is taken seriously. The manufacture must take place without any chemicals which endanger the environment or other hazardous materials and requires production under good working conditions.

At H&M, the entire family, from babies to young adultscan find the right item of clothing; be this for business, leisure time, outdoors, indoors, party or events, here there is fashion for every occasion. And for every figure: Also pregnant women and women who are rather more chubby can dress in a highly fashionable manner at H&M. As there is chick and contemporary fashion for everyone at H&M.


Phone: 0800 - 665 59 00


Floor: Basement