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Solati Südländische Spezialitäten – This is definitely the right place for lovers of southern specialities.

Hamid Soltani spoils his customers with many different delicious specialities from Greece, Spain and Italy. For example, this includes wines from all three countries, many types of olives or sheep’s cheese. And Italian antipasti, seafood in vinegar and oil, vegetables or grilled mushrooms can’t be missed.

A huge variety of cheeses from Italian peccorine sheep’s cheese, provolone and the famous parmesan are without question as with the spicy salami or finely dried ham. This goes well with fruity melons and there is also the popular ciabatta or one of the many types of bread or rolls.

A homemade “cream” made of sheep’s cheese with spices and vegetables such as aubergine or paprika is also part of a typical meal. Mozzarella in a spicy sauce is also a light speciality, as well as the Greek salad with sheep’s cheese. And for everyone who would also like to be pampered with southern specialities at parties and events, Mr Soltani also offers a catering service.


Phone: 040 - 39806650


Floor: Market Hall