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Also the Far East is represented in culinary terms in the Mercado – for example at the Sushi Ten bar in the market hall.

Sushi is not just raw fish, it was originally a method for keeping ingredients fresh. Fish and rice were packed together tightly and stored for months. In this time, the fermenting rice conserved the fish. Today, all ingredients are fresh; fine slices of raw fish, vegetables, eggs or tofu and, of course, rice. Before eating, the sushi is dipped in soy sauce and for real spiciness, try “wasabi”, a dip made of green raddish. The most famous sushi is the nigiri sushi, a roll of formed rice with fish fillet. Bo sushi comes from Kyoto, this is rice wrapped in fish. The possibilities for filling sushi rolls are endless. Sushi Ten has so many different varieties that it is difficult to choose. Sushi is light, surprisingly filling and is suitable as a full meal or as a snack. It is of course traditional to eat sushi with chopsticks. However, for those with finger co-ordination difficulties, the Siripunyo family also provides knives and forks. Whoever has not yet tried out the Japanese raw art should try the lunchtime menu, which changes every day. Baked fish or baked meat with rice and soya bean salad with a miso soup before hand is very delectable and also cheap. As well as eating, every visitor can observe life how Mr Hirasa prepares his exquisite sushi creations.


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Floor: Market Hall