Opening Hours: Mo.-Sa. 9.30 - 20.00 Uhr
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Shops A-Z / Waldorf Kindergarten

In an unusual location above the rooftops of Altona, you can find the Waldorf Kindergarten of the Rudolf Steiner School in Hamburg-Altona. Light and generous rooms are located over two floors and are perfect for playing, relaxing and peace and quiet. Also the roof terrace with a large sandpit and jungle gym is over two floors – here, there is ample space for children to play, enjoy themselves and dig.

In the Walforf Kindergarten, 45 children are looked after in manageable and mixed age groups of their age and development. The great example of the carers encourages them to indulge their fantasies and join in, whereby natural and childlike toys and constructions materials are of great importance. Above all, the carers support the children in building their senses in a healthy manner and developing. This also includes learning crafts and home based activities. The children are especially encouraged to develop musical, rhythmical and artistic skills.


Telefon: 040 – 39 90 52 29
Stockwerk: OG2