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Not only does the tried and tested Amplifon service await visitors, from the initial consultation to a free hearing test and the provision of hearing aids. The key word is hearing advice: At Amplifon, customers can get to work interactively together with the trained employees in order to achieve the optimal care with their hearing aids on site within the shortest possible time.

In our newly designed audiodrom, customers sit in front of a large screen and surrounded by five loudspeakers, explains Mr. Lindemann, hearing acoustics master and specialist store manager from the branch in Ottensen. Film – and the customers immerse themselves in everyday situations – be it a trip into nature, a cocktail party or a conversation at home. During these simulations, the customer constantly gives us feedback on their listening experiences and describes the interactive experience. We can then react immediately and adjust the hearing aids individually to your own personal ‘hearing taste’.

In addition to practical adaptation, the Audiodrom has even more to offer customers. The screen provides comprehensive information on the subject of hearing and the causes of hearing loss and, of course, up-to-date information on the wide range of hearing aids on offer. Last but not least, relatives can “listen in” to the everyday world of those affected, because special acoustic displays make the stages of hearing loss easy to understand, even for healthy ears.

With its innovative multimedia technology and its casual spatial design, Amplifon deliberately appeals to younger customers. The other product range includes, among other things, hearing protection and In-Ear Monitoring.


Phone: 040 – 39 10 90 40
Fax: 040 – 39 10 90 80
Floor: Ground floor

Opening hours

Mon – Sat from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m

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