Falafel House – Mezza & Salad Bar

Here they are, the delicious falafel! The fried patties made from pureed chickpeas and beans, seasoned with aromatic herbs, are a very popular delight in Arabic cuisine. The Falafel House in the Mercado market hall offers them in different variations: classic or with grilled vegetables, with French fries, salad or just plain.

The Falafel House menu also includes: B. Vegetable kebab, halloumi salad, a colorful salad with couscous and delicious grilled cheese, and various mezza (the Arabic equivalent of Mediterranean antipasti).

A culinary delight not only for vegetarians and vegans.
Enjoy your meal.


Contact person: Ms. Balci
Phone: 017693449873
E-Mail: Falafelhouse1@outlook.com
Floor: Market hall

Opening hours

Mon – Sat from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m

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