The Far East is also represented culinary in the Mercado – for example at the Sushi Ten Bar in the market hall.

Sushi is not just raw fish, sushi was originally a method of preservation: fish and rice were packed tightly together and kept for months. During this time, the fermenting rice preserved the fish. Today all the ingredients are fresh: fine slices of raw fish, vegetables, eggs or tofu and of course rice. Before being enjoyed, the sushi creations are dipped in soy sauce, with “wasabi”, grated green radish, providing the right spiciness.

The most famous sushi is nigiri sushi, rice formed into a roll and topped with fish fillet. Bo sushi, rice wrapped in fish, comes from Kyoto. There are many ways to fill sushi rolls. Sushi-Ten offers so many varieties that it is difficult to choose. Sushi is light yet surprisingly filling and is suitable as a whole meal or a quick snack. In true style, sushi is of course enjoyed with chopsticks, but if you don’t have enough dexterity, the Siripunyo family also provides a knife and fork.

If you don’t yet dare to try raw Japanese food, we recommend the daily changing lunch menu. Baked fish or baked meat with rice and bean sprout salad, followed by a bowl of miso soup, are delicious and inexpensive. And by the way, every visitor can watch live how Mr. Hirasa prepares his delicious sushi creations.


Tel: 0174 79 78 888
Floor: Market hall

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Mon – Sat from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m

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