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The DAK (Deutsche Angestellten Krankenkasse) is a modern, major health service provider with the solidarity and financial strength of over 6 million insured persons. With a network of over 850 service centres across Germany, DAK can be reached everywhere. This is a service which goes way beyond the legal standard.

In the Hamburg-Altona service centre, approximately 27,000 customers are supported by competent advisors who have been specially trained.

Around 14,000 employees support, advise and help millions of customers and employers in Germany each day. The DAK offers health services for all eventualities. The newest discoveries in research and science form part of the work at all times. Only the best partners are accepted into the DAK network formed of experts and services. Innovative healthcare contracts, renowned additional services and individual tariffs round off the services.
The DAK has been recognised several times by independent experts such as the Öko-Test for its innovative services and excellent customer support. And currently in the health insurance company test of the FOCUS MONEY economy magazine.


Phone: 040 - 86 69 05 30

Fax: 040 - 86 69 053 - 70 50


Floor: 3rd Floor