Opening Hours: Mo.-Sa. 10.00 - 20.00 Uhr
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Opening Hours: Mo.-Sa. 10.00 - 20.00 Uhr
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“You should know what you are eating”.

Geflügelhof Schönecke from Neu Wulmstorf supplies eggs and poultry from free range production.

Great great grandfather Heinrich Schönecke laid the foundation for the family company with his market stand on the Harburger Sand.  Since 1914, the family has been supplying Hamburg and the surroundings with agricultural products.

Alongside free range eggs from Neu Wulmstorf-Ardestorf, Schönecke also supplies the best poultry. Ducks, turkeys, geese and chickens from North Germany and guinea fowls, quails and the noble “red label” chicken from France. The owner Henner Schönecke personally selects his partner companies – correct keeping and high quality are of prime importance to him. Exquisite sausage specialities, homemade gourmet salads and ready-to-cook dishes are also part of the range – all poultry.

The selection also includes organically produced meat and sausages with as few added ingredients as possible. “Here, the demand has increased enormously in the last few years, a challenge which we are happy to respond to” states Henner Schönecke. “We are going to change our salads, pans and sausage specialities to allergy free. If it is necessary, mustard and co are precisely declared. That is what is required and therefore we wish to offer this to our customers. You should know what you are eating”. For this reason, Schönecke produces recipes and preparation tips for all types of poultry for the purpose of good advice.

Whoever does not wish to cook at home can choose from a daily selection of numerous light and hearty poultry dishes.
Service Plates for buffets, “sausage bouquets” and hampers for all occasions.
Anybody who is interested can visit the free range production in Neu Wulmstorf-Ardestorf at any time.

Payment by debit card is possible.


Phone: 040 - 39 90 54 08


Floor: Market Hall