Opening Hours: Mo.-Sa. 9.30 - 20.00 Uhr
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Brot & Stulle

At Hamburger Brotmanufaktur “Brot und Stulle” the name is more than a program. It is a declaration of love to a food, with which, without exception, everyone has his very own childhood memories: the butterbrot. While the displays of many bakery labels nowadays are reminiscent of pizzerias or French bistros, “Bread and Stulle” is based on regionality and originality: fresh bread baked directly on the spot, with a crusty crust, juicy dough and high-quality vouchers without chichi.

It is about the honest cessation of satiety. “Snack” is a term which the Hamburg operators of bread and baggage reluctantly use, because it simply does not suit the idea of their concept. Baked is without exception without baking aids and mostly on the spot in the centrally positioned oven. Here true bakers can be seen in real crafts, here dough is kneaded and flour glittered in the air.


Phone: 040 - 30 39 19 76

Floor: Ground Floor